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Born September 16th, 1883 in Denmark. Folmer Andersen arrived
on St. Croix, Danish West Indies in 1909 and worked at Estate La
Grange. On 1916 he was hired as the manager at the Estate
Bethlehem Sugar Factory, which is when he began his
Pre-Columbian Artifact Collection. In 1917 when Denmark
transferred ownership of the Danish West Indies to the US, he
became a US citizen. His collection grew over the years as he
visited many Sugar Plantations and in 1931 he moved his Family
to Long Island, NY., with his Collection. He was able to show his
collection to Robert Fewkes, who was skeptical of St. Croix being a
major Pre-Columbian site. After Mr. Fewkes saw the vast collection
of artifacts he expressed a renewed interest in studying St. Croix
more closely. Unfortunately, Robert Fewkes passed before he
could return to St. Croix.  On September 12, 1946 Folmer
Andersen died of a heart attack. In 1952 The St. Croix Museum
Inc. purchased the Folmer Andersen Collection and repatriated the
Collection to St. Croix. In 1954 "Notes on St. Croix" by Follmer
Andersen was published  by the The St. Croix Museum Inc. In 1962
the Folmer Andersen Collection was given to The US Department
of Interior National Park Service in Christiansted National Historic
Site for further study, by The St. Croix Museum Inc.

The US Department of Interior National Park Service under the leadership of Park Superintendent Joel Tutein and
Resource Manager Zandy Hillis Starr took over the Curation of the collection after the retirement of Mr. William
Cissel. Superintendent Tutein hired Dr. David Golstein, Chief of Interpretation, and Dr. Joshua Torres, Park
Archaeologist, to curate this valuable Pre-Columbian Artifact Collection.

With the help, cooperation and permission of the National Park Service Christiansted National Historic Site,The St.
Croix Archaeological Society presents a sample of the Folmer Andersen Collection for your enjoyment. These
artifacts rival the quality and artistry of many found in our region. The four major pottery styles, sub styles and some
unique to St. Croix are found in this Collection.

The St. Croix Archaeological Society will be hosting, The 27th Congress of the International Association of
Caribbean Archaeologists,
( IACA 2017) on July 2rth-29th, 2017 on the Island of St. Croix. One of the features at
the Conference will be the Folmer Andersen Collection.
Folmer Andersen circa 1931