About Our Organization
The St. Croix Archaeological Society has been an organization since July of 2001. We are dedicated to
the education of our youth, our residents and our visitors, about the Pre-Columbian History of the
island of St. Croix. We have visited our public and private schools and invited teachers to visit with their
classes. The response has been manageable and plan to expand the program this coming  school
year. The  American Federation of Teachers invited us to the annual Mini Quest last year. The event is
for NGO's and businesses on island to expose the teachers to the different occupations. We
                                           have received our invitation to attend Mini Quest again this
                                           year in October. The Commissioner of Tourism, The Honorable
                                           Pamela Ricards, visited our Museum and pledged color bro-
                                           chures with the Tourism                                                                      
                                           Logo. We are very grateful
                                           and the brochures have
                                           served to attract visitors,
                                           residents and students to
                                           our humble Museum. We
                                           have received numerous
                                           compliments on the quality
                                          of our Brochures. We have
                                         an annual fund raising event
                                         in November, this year it will
                                         be at Cane Bay where Mr.
                                        and Mrs. Updyke will unveil 2
Carib Canoes that were manufactured in Dominica by members of
the Carib Indian Reservation. The men
traveled into the mountains
and camped while they carved
the canoes from a single tree in the same
tradition as they have done for milleniums.
The date of the event is November 12th at
Virgin Kayak at Cane Bay. The CRA CRA
Carib Canoe Revival will be held at Estate
Cane Bay at the Virgin Kayak on November
12, 2005, where the unveiling will occur and
the firing of traditional pottery in Taino-Carib
style. We would like to invite our membership to attend and experience an evening of celebration and

We are a member of the International Association of Caribbean Archaeologists, (IACA),
http://museum-server.archanth.cam.ac.uk/IACA.WWW/IACA.HTM . This organization is a valuable
resource of Archaeological work done in the Caribbean. We recommend our visitors surf their web
page for a general outlook of the region as it relates to Pre-Columbian and Historical Archaeological
Studies. They also have links to other Caribbean Archaeological work being done.

We are an institutional member of The Museums Association of the Caribbean, (MAC),  
http://www.caribbeanmuseums.com  The organization held their 2005 Conference and Annual
General Meeting , Oct. 24-27, on the island of St. Croix and was hosted by the St. Croix Landmarks
Society. Our membership in this international organization provides us the opportunity to network with
Caribbean Museums and affords us the ability to participate in traveling exhibitions. The Conference
was a success with pledges of future cooperation and exchange of resources. The theme of the
conference was "
Disasters, living with, planning for and recovery from them.", the presenter, Kelley
Scudder and her assistant, drove home the need for an Emergency Plan to deal with disasters and
the urgency for mitigation before a disaster strikes to minimize damage to Museum Treasures. The
Conference invited and registered a new institutional member from the Dominican Republic and was
voted to the Board of Directors of MAC, our congratulations to Centro Leon on such a dramatic
entrance into our international organization.

MAC, President Nigel Sadler and St. Croix Landmarks Society Chairman, David K. Hayes, RPA, both
pose with National Parks Service Superintendent, Joel Tutein, at Fort Christiansvaern.

The St. Croix Archaeological Society has adopted a Code of Ethics by which we shall observe and
require of our membership as part of their commitment to the articulated discovery of evidence. We
support the Antiquities Laws and the policies of the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and  
Resources Division of Historic Preservation Office and work closely with the National Park Service in
particular the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve where Columbus landed
in 1493 on November 14th.           
St.  Croix Archaeological Society Inc.
Code of Ethics.

The St. Croix Archaeological Society Inc. sets forth and its members shall adhere to this
Code of Ethics as part of their membership in the Society. Failure to do so by a member
may result in termination of membership.

1) Archaeology, by its nature, destroys sites and the knowledge contained in them. This
knowledge is far more valuable than artifacts by themselves. Therefore, the primary
goal shall be to preserve in situ as much as possible.

2) Excavations shall be carried out to the highest archaeological standards, including a
good reason for the excavation, a well thought out plan to recover as much information
as possible, proper curation of all recovered materials and dissemination of the
information recovered.

3) All excavations will be conducted under the guidance of an experienced

4) The Society will not authenticate, appraise, buy or sell artifacts. The value of artifacts
lies in what they and their context can tell us about people who can no longer speak.
The Society may sell properly marked reproductions.

5) During excavations other peoples’ beliefs shall be respected.

6) All applicable laws, rules and regulations shall be followed at all times.

7) No member of the Society shall use his/her membership as a platform to advance
his/her views on any matter. No member of the Society shall use the Society for
personal advantage or gain.

Adopted 10 July 2001

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